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Cleromancy, the practice of contacting divine truth via random castings of dice (or bones) stretches back before recorded history. Astragalomancy, is a form of divination that uses dice marked with letters. In fact, many ancient cultures have various forms of dice divination.Necro Dice is a modern version of this ancient practice.


This app means to combine the ancient and modern forms of communication in a completely new and unique way. Users seeking answers or messages can roll the dice with a simple tap of the screen. Once the user’s intention has been cast through the rolling of the dice, it is up to the spirits to communicate by influencing the randomization of letters to form words. This phenomenon of spirit communication through the manipulation of electronic devices has been well documented for several decades


Rolling dice isn’t just for games, do the spirits have a message for you?

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Necrophonic is the most trusted spirit box app to date. It has been featured on television shows and has a large YouTube following.

Necrophonic features a streamlined interface with a single button design to start investigating without any need for a complicated setup.

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Welcome to Scareanoia, where your fears are closer then you think! The Developers of Necrophonic have teamed up with YouTuber Hunting The Dead, to bring you Scareanoia the App! Your intentions will bring you places only nightmares dare to go, are you ready to embark?

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Signal Spirit Communication is our newest radio sweeping ghost box. It utilizes real online radio casts and gives unprecedented control over audio effects, sweep speed and even sweep mode. You can fine tune so much about this app and save it in custom presets, or you can get started quickly by using one of the default presets.

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Deadwave is a channel based ghost box. This ghost box provides extensive control over audio effects and sweep speed.

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EVP Shifter

EVP Shifter is our ghost box intended for advanced users. It is based on channels and gives extensive control over effects. It is intended for users who do intensive analysis of audio after the paranormal investigation event.

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Your Intent creates your adventure!

Intentionz generates randomized coordinates influenced by your geographic location, Ley Lines, and ofcourse, your intention.

Where will your journey take you? What will you find? Encounter? Discover?

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The miracle box app

The Miracle Box includes methods used by Steve Huff of Huff Paranormal in his Astral Doorway and Miracle Box full size devices. The app has eleven banks, which are all reversed human speech. There are no words, no music, no phrases and nothing programmed in to make you think spirit is speaking with you. This is an advanced yet simple ITC app based on eleven years of research and communication. It will not work for everyone (no app or box does).

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Sweep Ghost Box

Sweep Ghost box is a radio sweep ghost box that is based on sound bank channels. Unlike radio signal based ghost boxes, this one does not require a radio signal or internet connection to function.

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